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Jet block

Started by digcot65, 01 Apr 2018 at 09:37

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Morning, I`m still soaking the jet block ,but looking at it this morning shouldn`t there be a very small hole as you look into the small recess Photo hopefully attached


Yes, poke it out with a bristle from a wire brush. Why have you started yet another topic on your carb.?


Sorry still not used to the rules.I have just blown the block out and I put some thinners into a syringe and when I squirted it down the top hole, it came out of the very small hole.So I`m getting somewhere.Tomorrow I will reassemble the carb and go onto why it floods. I will stick to this page as well. Len


These choke blocks are made in 2 pieces and soldered together. This one looks to have been re-soldered (with solder blocking the small hole that feeds petrol to the slow running screw).
  Also, if there is an excess of solder around the joint, it will prevent the slide from dropping fully.



Well spotted Eddie. Not much point in a simple poke then. Very difficult when it's not in your mit.


Hi Dave,
             I guess if I was tackling this job, I would clamp it lightly (top to bottom) with a G clamp. Then heat it until the solder melts, and blow out all the drillings with an air line.



Hello good news, after a good 48 hr soaking in cell.thinners I blew all the holes out with an airline.I then filled a syringe with thinners and squirted into each hole and they were all clear, even the very small one which I was worried about, a jet of thinners came out of it.Next job to reassemble and try the carbs.out.Why it looked as though it may be blocked with solder,it must have been the residue from the thinners.If it had have been solder it would never have worked .Then onto the problem of flooding and isolating which part is causing the problem.Thanks for all the help.
I was hoping to give my classic car a run after it hibernating for the winter, but since the weather is so awful and I don`t want any rain on it,  I can concentrate on the Douglas.At least it isn`t snowing as they said it would Len