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Douglas Club reprinted manuals
« on: 04 Jan 2017 at 13:20 »
SORRY I seem unable to post the pictures here please see the attachment.

Following the considerable interest shown on the 1911 original copy sold on Ebay recently (for a figure in excess off 160-00, considerably more than the bike would have been, OK, 34-00 was a lot in 1911). I feel that it may interest, particularly for those unsuccessful bidders, that printed copies of many of the manuals are available from the Douglas Club. Some examples are shown above, please do not hold me to the colour match of the covers, the reproduction of the tiny images has not always produced a good reproduction, the more I try to improve them the worse they get!
We realise that the very high prices paid for the originals are for those amongst us that collect and cherish handling and owning 100 year old material and is of course acceptable, however, if you wish to own the information these reproductions are perfectly adequate to be held in a collection. Should you actually need to use them for working with the bikes the price and the fact that they are easily replaceable makes them ideal.
The prices vary depending on size and popularity and are from as little as 7-00 to around 17-00.
A full list with prices that runs from 1911 through to 1957 covering both manuals and some parts lists, is to be found in the back of the Club magazine, anyone wanting information please contact me via the email icon on the left.
Please Note that these publications are available to anyone interested not just Douglas Club Members