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Douglas Owners – Look Ahead!
« on: 11 Jul 2005 at 06:43 »
Attention: Douglas Owners Everywhere.

Plan a Holiday in NSW.

Look ahead! Why not start planning a family holiday in the Southern Highlands of NSW now to coincide with the Douglas Centenary Rally to be scheduled during the first half of 2007?

As well as joining in the events of the rally, (a great rally program is being devised), there are heaps to do and see in this fabulous area of Australia. Click HERE to see a map of Australia and the location of the Southern Highlands in New South Wales relative to the City of Sydney.

The Southern Highlands are just over 1 hour from south-west Sydney on the freeway and only 1½ hours from the National Capital, Canberra. It is also within a drive of about the same duration to the Southern Tablelands around the Katoomba area of the beautiful and majestic Blue Mountains.

The Highlands are surrounded by bushland and national park wilderness areas and lies atop the Great Dividing Range, over 700 metres above sea level, from where the land falls away to the level plains of the inland. The climate is mild in summer to cold in winter.

We have not yet decided in which town the rally will be staged, whether it will be Camden, Mittagong, Moss Vale or another but it will be in this general area. Plan to stay a while before, during or after the rally. Visit these and other nearby historical towns. You could also plan a visit to the City of Canberra, situated in the Australian Capital Territory.

We will be providing information about the various towns of the Southern Highlands, their history, sights to see and things to do in a series of articles posted in this forum under the topic title of ‘Southern Highlands of NSW - the Towns and Attractions’, which begins today with town of  Mittagong.
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Re: Douglas Owners – Look Ahead!
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If you negotiate with Towns you may get financial assistance from the shire.
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