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brake drums
« on: 18 Sep 2016 at 21:04 »

  back again with the EW
  the roads of queensland need some oil applied...

   engine is nearly together...just have to pick up some wire to make the ex valve lifter spring

   onto wheels now...  my drums...  while one is deeply scored but should be useable until I find out otherwise...
the other drum I have is pretty rusted...must have been used as a birdbath or mosquito hatcher for a few years...
  any thoughts on installing a liner??     I have picked up a couple of cast iron dumbbell weights...not likely the greatest quality cast iron...but I was thinking about turning my drum to get a reasonable surface then somehow turning a ring off the dumbbell and lining with that??   obviously I am on my own to make up new brake parts...a bit smaller ...I,m thinkin liner thickness of about 1/8 inch???

any other solutions...???  a better drum is really what I need ...and likely will turn up after get this drum fairly useable...   
my other good drum with the scoring has reasonably lost 20%+ of its braking surface..  and the scoring is deep enough that cant be turned out...

  any thoughts or advice???

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Re: brake drums
« Reply #1 on: 19 Sep 2016 at 09:47 »
Hello Kev, What wheels are you using, spokes through the drum or 100 spline detachable drums. I have  in the past used drums from wooden spoke T Ford wheels and grafted them to the doug centres. I dont have spare spline drums but have a couple of spare T Ford drums and a drum spoke wheel minus brake plate and band I think is surplus. As stated previously if you are relining bands modern hard linings are to hard. You need very soft flexible material.
regards Alan

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Re: brake drums
« Reply #2 on: 19 Sep 2016 at 10:23 »

    good to hear from you
  all the parts are getting to be large lumps now...lookin pretty good I reckon

my drums...I have the ones with spokes thru the drums.... one piece hub and drum,  I think
be nice to save these wheels..the one as above has lost about 20% of its area due to a large score...and the other, just about rusted away...  I,ll try turning this dumbbell...see what the material looks like...I,m sure its not real flash...   I could just get a chunk of one inch steel plate and carve a liner out of that??
 maybe the diesel place has a leftover locomotive cylinder sleeve about the right size???
 maybe a trip to the junkyard would be a better idea...see if any old car has a brake drum that I could carve liner out of...not many drum brake cars left anymore either
I have a place that has a roll of old time brake lining material, he has done a matchless and 2 BSA,s for me...whatever it is, it is great stuff...all 3 bikes just bend the forks right back on a good issues at all with brakes...if I stay under 70 mph,   under 40mph...wouldn't want much better
the rear brake...might make a brake plate and just use normal making the cylindrical band and all bits looks like a real mission,  I have enough original stuff for a original front brake