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Engineering Bedford
« on: 20 Jun 2005 at 10:56 »
T&L Engineering
Pear Tree Farm
Wilstead Road
MK42 9YG

01234 352418

Can do all kinds of engineering work. They specialise in old vehicles, and I was first sent to them by an owners club of a different marque.

They have rebored and sleeved the cylinders for my EW, and machined them to individually match the pistons I had. This is work I would only give to people I trust. This engine has a none detachable cylinder head, and very thin cylinder walls. It is not a job for beginers.

I know from discussions I have had with them that they can rebuild Douglas crankshafts too, though I have no experience of them doing this kind of work for me.

I have no connection with this, or any other, company I have listed. They did a good job for me, but I cannot be held responsible for any work they may do as a result of this post.

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Re: Engineering Bedford
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The URL seems to have changed. You can click this insetad...