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How to post in this forum
« on: 19 Jun 2005 at 12:17 »
This forum is for countries not listed on the main index page.
Please post your message in this forum by starting a new topic.
A new forum will be created for your country (within the next 24 hours) and your message will be moved to the new forum.


Here’s a good way to help other Douglas owners by passing on details of sources for parts or quality restoration services.

When posting your information, it would be helpful if the subject line contained the city or state of the supplier and a clear description of the service provided, for example...

Amsterdam – Tank repair and restoration

In the post itself, it would help to provide as much detail as possible about the type of work performed and why you were pleased with the result. Also include the business name, contact details including website and/or email address if available, so others can easily locate the supplier.

Please make a separate post for each type of service in case other members wish to comment or ask questions. This will help keep the discussion organized and easy to follow for others in the future.

So if you happened to live in the city of Amsterdam, have just completed a restoration and have some recommendations to offer, you might make a series of post like this

Amsterdam - Tank repair and restoration
Amsterdam - Cylinder fin welding and machining
Amsterdam - Saddle restoration
Amsterdam - Bolt making

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding how we might improve these Recommendation forums, please post a message in this thread.