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My Late Fathers Vintage Bike Collection
« on: 01 Apr 2016 at 23:24 »
Hi all,

I would like to bring to your attention my late father's collection of 26 Vintage motorcycles 5 of which are Douglas 1920's TS and CW.

Bob Miller of Gawler, South Australia (my father) started collecting and restoring motorbikes in the late 1970's and continued until Dementia forced him into aged care in around 2009 and he passed away in April 2015 aged 91.
Sadly he never finished any complete restorations.

Of the 26 bikes mostly BSA but there are 2 Triumph Cubs, 1 AJS and the 5 Douglas. The only complete bike (as purchased) is an original 1938 BSA Goldstar with chrome and black tank.

All the bikes and parts (a truckload) will be auctioned at Scammells Auctions in Adelaide, South Australia on Saturday May 7 2016 THIS AUCTION WILL BE WEBCAST

Lots 35-40, included is a near complete 1914 DOUGLAS Original Parts Bike (not one of my fathers)  There are numerous Douglas parts spread throughout the catalog.

TO VIEW THE CATALOGUE  (with images)

Go to:

Dads five Douglas include:
1) 1920 DOUGLAS TS 350 SV
2) 1922 DOUGLAS TS 350 SV
3) 1924 DOUGLAS CW 350 SV
4) 1924 DOUGLAS TS 350 SV
5) 1926 DOUGLAS TS 350 SV

To view images Go to:

To view his entire collection Go to:

Thank you
Andrew Miller
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