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Kickstart Bearing
« on: 13 Mar 2016 at 20:43 »
I wonder if anyone can comment on the kickstart arrangement on my A31 - see image attached. The kickstart shaft and support bearing extend well beyond the face of the gearbox cover, in a way that does not look original to me, although it has been neatly done. The extension to the shaft is needed to clear the exhaust silencer which it (almost) does. The gearbox on the A31 appears similar to that fitted to the EW but, on that model, the kickstart lever sits against the case in the conventional manner. I believe the gearbox is original as the number, RG/H935, looks about right for a 1931 350 model. So - it could be correct, or it could be the wrong kickstart lever, or it could be the wrong cover ...   All observations welcome!