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Membership Renewal Home and Overseas
« on: 31 Jan 2016 at 13:49 »


For those members still to renew their membership for this year, please do so now, otherwise the March/April 2016 issue of the New Conrod will be the last you receive. Delivery of the May/June issue will be your confirmation that  membership subscriptions have been renewed.
If you know you are in this position then please renew now by sending your membership subscription of 18 either directly to me by cheque or using the options outlined in the Subscription Renewal Notice attached to the last issue of NCR (Jan/Feb) Please note however that the three year payment option open to members outside the UK is not available to UK members although they can pay their subscriptions by PayPal (20) if they wish for the twelve month period only.
As members are only too well aware, postage costs are a big item of expenditure to any organisation these days so any member deciding to discontinue their membership for whatever reason, please let me know as soon as possible either by letter, telephone or email in order to minimise the amount of postal reminders that may be sent. Any overseas member having previously paid the three year option and is unsure if membership is due, please refer to page 3 of the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of NCR listing those members whose renewal is now due or email me and ask! Your membership is appreciated so if you haven't renewed, please do so today!

Reg Holmes                Membership Secretary