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douglas specials

Started by mike trifky, 15 Dec 2015 at 20:01

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mike trifky

hi, new member and I am having problems emailing so here goes
this machine started of as a cream coloured (I believe a late model) the history unfortunately I cant remember
but I think it was bought in 64/65 in Bournemouth unfortunately I have no fotos or reg
I cant remember what happened to seat ,tank engine and gearbox etc but were probably sold in Bournemouth
the triumph I have more memories of but no fotos
it was 1 of a pair I bought in Bournemouth in64/65 as sprung hub TIGER 100s which I believe were replicas
of an I.O.M 1952 winner .the engine was fitted by me with 11:1 pistons and e3132 cams. the gearbox was standard.
the clutch housing was cut away and racing clutch fitted. the fairing cost £11 !!!!
the machine was fitted with a Royal Enfield Constellation twin leading shoe front wheel.
the original carbs were kept as I could not afford monoblocs!!
the machine was built in a small garden shed of my parents often up until mid night !!!
it was dismantled for spares early 1966 - prior to marriage !!
the frame was sold to a grass track racer for sidecar use. the engine and gearbox to REG MARSH
of MARSH AND FRY m/c dealers Christchurch T.T fame
if anyone knows of subsequent history of these bits I would love to know
regards mike


Hello Mike,
                 From the photos, your bike looks to have had a Dragonfly frame, with a small bearing Tiger 100 all alloy motor fitted. I cant help with any details of this bike but there is a similar Triumph powered Dragonfly residing in the Southampton area, but this one is a 650.
  Hope this is of some help,

mike trifky

thanks for reply - any details at all on 650 special
or have you just seen it ?
regards mike