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Beaded Edge rims and belt rims
« on: 27 Jul 2015 at 11:07 »
Hello all,

Attended a car swap at Nambour on the weekend and had a quick chat with Steve Hood from Kingaroy who has taken up the process of producing rims for vintage cars.

He had some samples on display and I quickly noticed four styles of beaded edge rims for vintage cycles. Two of the Westwood to suit TS and two CW and OB style. The rims were undrilled and not sure if Steve has the intention of indexing and drilling for spokes. The weight and quality were excellent. He informs me he will also produce belt rims when he can get copies and they will be a better quality than some produced in the past. Check out the website WWW.VINTAGERIMSAUS.COM
 Modified - CW and OB, website now as per steves card capital letters.
regards Alan

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