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the eternal question
« on: 30 May 2015 at 16:09 »
Things change petrol and plugs in particular
I have a 1948 T35 just run in, engine was one of the last done by George Easton
It favors one cylinder on starting until that one is pulled into life by the other and when running under light load one side is I am sure doing most of the work I have swapped plugs and done the normal checks
one can tell so little by plugs colour all that plug reading I learnt means little nowadays but my estimate is that mixture is good through the range so I want to start with the easiest thing What plug is the latest recommended  for my bike?
I have Champion B7HS 10 in at the moment I have never been a champion fan by supposedly they are better nowadays compared to NGK.
Once I am happy with the plug I can start working back to the mag