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Anonymous A31
« on: 05 Nov 2014 at 21:52 »
I have recently bought an A31 from a dealer in Belgium but know nothing of its history - I wonder if anyone can help? The machine carries no registration mark but has the frame number FC964 and engine number EV949. There is an 'NL' sticker on the rear mudguard. It arrived with a spare engine, EV1657.  What is intriguing me is - was it exported new in 1931 or did it find its way there (and back) more recently? There are a few features which look 'European' but they are hardly conclusive! Eg: a very nice nickel-plated bulb horn, made in Paris. The float chamber lid is marked 'Amal Vergasse Frankfurt'. Most intriguingly, there is a brass dealer's plate on the front mudguard from A J Bats of Epe in The Netherlands.  The bike has been nicely restored and is very original, as the pictures show. It is fitted with a smallish Villiers headlamp of a type that I've never seen before - if original, it's quite distinctive.
There are a couple of technical issues which I shall need to resolve, but I'll save these for a separate post! Any comments, clues or suggestions appreciated.