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Error messages when attaching files to posts
« on: 21 Sep 2014 at 22:53 »
This topic is to help resolve any error messages that may appear when you try to attach a file to a post.

File Exists Error

To kick things off, thanks to Chris for reporting this one he received today.

Chris was trying to attach a photo of a 2 3/4 crankcase blanking plug called 'IMG_1040.JPG'. A small version appears below.

However, after clicking 'Post' to post his message and attached photo, this error message appeared.

The problem is caused by an existing attached file on the server also called 'IMG_1040.JPG' which had been posted previously by another Member.

The solution is to rename your file to something unique - descriptive titles are good. Here are some examples:

 - Blanking plug.IMG
 - Crankcase blanking plug.IMG
 - Crankcase blanking plug-Chris.IMG

The file should then attach successfully.