Author Topic: Can anyone identify these motor bikes? I think they could be a Douglas?  (Read 4493 times)

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Hi Im new here and was hoping for some help identifying these bikes. These may well be "generic" bikes Im not sure but the last one looks a bit like a Douglas. These drawings are dated from 1931 to 1934. Anyone have any ideas?

Maybe a Triumph or Douglass?

Last one I think maybe a Douglass?

Any ideas would be most helpful!


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Hi Buddsy,

Cute, atmospheric, and bizarre, respectively!

Of the three, the last is certainly a Douglas, the first certainly not, and the middle one difficult to say, but likely not.

I love the atmosphere of the middle drawing, but what is going on in the last?



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The top picture is surely a Rudge. Middle picture definitely indeterminate, and the last clearly Douglas. And Leon, I reckon the drawing could be showing a scene from AW Grady's (alleged) epic trip around Australia!   :D