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« on: 06 Aug 2014 at 09:26 »
Called in to see my 91 y.o. uncle today and mentioned I had a 1927 EW350. He replied that he used to have a 350 Douglas and rode it for years with no problems at all. He gave me a couple of pictures of it; see below. Is anyone able to identify the model/year? Looks like my EW350 but with a saddle tank.His recollections give me more confidence in the durability of the crankshaft assembly.

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Re: EW?
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Hi Steve

It looks very similar to my 1932 A32 350 cc Terrier. There is a photo of mine in the Members Gallery. The 1931   A31 had tartan tank lining whereas the 1932 was silver.



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Re: EW?
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Douglas was still using the chromium plated tank and tartan panel in 1932. This tank has probably been refinished, as well as the original rear mudguard has been replaced with a different pattern and parcel carrier is gone and replaced with a pillion pad. I really do not know of any difference between the 1931 A31 model, and the A32, or otherwise known as the Terrier of the following year. It could be either.

There was a similar B32 model (in 1932) for the colonial market, it had a slightly larger capacity petrol tank and a sturdier pattern parcel carrier. From the shape of the petrol tank, it does not seem to be one of those.