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Kickstart gear for F/G
« on: 31 May 2014 at 06:45 »
Hi there,

After reassembling the gearbox and putting it back in the frame the kick start slips off the gear.

The kick plate (not sure the official name) has been handmade from what I can see. This has caused the matching ratchet gear to ware and its loosing the shape of the teeth.
Also there is some play in this gear as well. I have tightened up the brass coloured collar from the outside but still some play. Can this be tightened up from inside the gearbox, or is that case that this needs re-bushing?

So main question here is that does anyone have the plate and ratchet sprocket for sale or a drawing of the ratchet plate, or it looks like Ill have to push start it all the time...

I hope its clearer in the picture.

Thanks and best regards


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