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Brakes on 600 Aero

Started by polly, 21 Feb 2014 at 16:29

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the brakes on my 600 aero leave a lot to desire!! thinking as to having them relined but with what grade material? the compound ones seem to hard and are designed for high speed/friction. would a woven material be better? thanks david

Expanded subject. Dave, Feb23, 2014


          I am using the brake linings available through the LDMCC spares scheme on my DT engined sprinter. These linings bring the bike back down from 100+mph without too many worries, and are of a woven construction. When I fitted the linings, I Araldited and riveted them to the bands to eliminate most of the sponginess. I believe this material has a code number of 3806 and is probably the best non-asbestos material available (virtually as good as the old Ferodo material).



many thanks eddie I will follow this up regards david