Author Topic: Will a 2 3/4 hp do the 67 mile Banbury run on one tank of fuel?  (Read 2676 times)

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Hi again,
I know that the above question depends on the actual machine and the state of the engine and carburettor but have any of you done the full length banbury run on on a similar machine?
I've owned the bike about six months but with two kids under three I've not had the chance to give it a good long run to check the fuel consumption.
Now I've been given the go ahead by the wife to do the banbury run but I don't want to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.
So if you could let me know what your thoughts are, or if I would be advised to carry a bit extra on the rear rack.

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Hi Richard,
                 I have done several Pioneer runs (52 miles) on a 1913 2 on about 3/4 tank of fuel. I have also done the Banbury run when it started from Towcester racecourse on an earlier 2 with a smaller tank - again without running out of petrol. If you are worried about running out, you could strap a plastic fuel can on the rear carrier.

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First time it just did it and ran out on the start finish site -I had pushed up sunrising
Second time I was blown up sunrising and had a half litre in tank left
third time pushed again and again had some left
I wont be doing it again the cold engine 3 abreast start is a pain nothing like the Drayton scool start so much better.
Just watch that 'choke' lever thats what eats the fuel
Oh the bike:
1925 2 3/4 belt drive 2 speed clutchless bike =one of those 'veteran' bikes you cant use on the pioneer run but I cant see the difference fron a 1914 model :-)

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I did a 62 mile run last summer on a 1913 2 3/4 HP and had plenty of petrol in the tank at the end of it. You should be OK.