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newbie Douglas owner
« on: 02 Feb 2014 at 16:44 »
Hi all
My T35 has just arrived in my garage!! It has joined the Austin Seven to keep it company.
It is a long while since I have owned any bike (the last a BMW RT) and I am looking forward to climbing the Douglas learning curve. It seems to be a nice bike, a running engine but apparently not ridden since a not so recent rebuild, so needs fettling.
Doubtless as problems arise I will be asking for help, but I need to get hold of the maintenance/tuning info first and make a start.

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Re: newbie Douglas owner
« Reply #1 on: 02 Feb 2014 at 22:58 »
Hi Grav,
Welcome to the Douglas fraternity, I hope the bike gives you a lot of fun and pleasure not too mention a few moments!! :lol: :cry:
The Douglas Club does keep a stock of reprinted original works manuals, we have the Mark 1 Manual, the Mark 3 to 5 manual and the Parts book, this is particularly useful for assembling units as it contains exploded diagrams of all the componants.
Should you wish to buy any of these email me directly by selecting the envelope ikon below my name.
I would also suggest that it will be well worth your while to join the London Douglas Club, details of which can be found on our own website
The Club holds an extensiive range of spares for the post war machines, however we only sell these to Members of the Club.
However we do sell the manuals at the very reasonable price of 9-00 for the spares book, 10-00 for the Mark 1, and 9-00 for the Mark 3-5 series, plus of course postage, please do not ask about the Mark 2 the absence of any reference to it remains a mystery lost in time!
Should you wish to order, please let me have the registration number, together with the frame, engine and gearbox numbers this will ensure I recommend the correct manual as well as letting our Club registrar update the Douglas register, incidently this register only publishes the bike details, their is no reference to the owners,
I look forward to hearing from you.