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Fulton Engine
« on: 31 Jan 2014 at 10:59 »
I know I've been quiet here for some time now as the whole project had come to a standstill, but things are picking up again. Due to the impossibility of getting parts thru the club I had the defective cam repaired, new rollers & pins and the pinion gear made, the cylinders & heads are back from getting a new nickel coating and are now getting some pistons matched up for them. I have valves that can be adapted and the guides will be restored to dimension with bronze guide inserts, seat inserts of course too. I've sent the cracked case halve to a welder who is also an instructor and am optimistic of the outcome. I wound up a new kick start lever return spring which was so easy I'm going to make a few more.

I'd like to thank all who provided info & input, especially Doug & Chris. I'll put up some pics of the pieces & assembly when the ball really gets rolling.