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Rare Archive Info & Pics Of The Dixon Twin Cam 350 cc Douglas

Started by camchain charlie, 11 Dec 2013 at 21:31

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camchain charlie

Here are some archive info and pictures of the twin cam Douglas dad collected before doing his restoration , hope they are of interest to someone. I have also included some pics of the finished bike which dad sold in 2007 and was bought by the British Motorcycle Museum Birmingham .


Thanks for posting these - very interesting! I wonder when the top photo was taken: it shows the bike with footrests but no clutch cable (present on the restored bike) is visible. Now Freddie Dixon was a foot board man, and although it's a bit fuzzy one of the photos shows him on the bike perhaps fitted with foot boards. Did he use a foot clutch when he raced it in the TTs in 1928?


camchain charlie

Hi Leon
I think your right about freddie using foot boards and a foot clutch as in the racing pic i can make out the boards and lack of clutch lever. I don't know were or when the articles or photo where published.
Dad also had a photo copy of an R.A Instruction / workshop manual but sold it along with the remainder of his O.H.V spares / bikes to a guy in Perth Australia.
The only other articles i can find are a couple of sales pics for the SW / DT models and an article on the Bayley / Cole douglas.

camchain charlie

Found Some More Info About The Twin Cam And 1928 Junior TT Results In Which Freddie Dixon Finished 18th


An article I wrote for the New ConRod magazine in 2007 about the Dixon two cam, primarily dealing with the engine. There is a link to a PDF version at the bottom of the post.

A PDF version of the above.


camchain charlie

Thats fantastic information how did you come across that ? Pictures really good quality dad could of done with this whan he was restoring it. thanks for posting.  :)


The patents are from the British patent office and the photos are from the British national archives.