Author Topic: Edgar Meller - winner of the 1914 First Grand Prix of Australia on a Douglas  (Read 2428 times)

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This photo is of Edgar Meller on his TT Douglas which he says was almost new when he received it 9 days prior to his win in the first Grand Prix of Australia on 5 October 1914.

The track was at Yetholme/ Sunny Corner/ Meadow Lee about 16 miles from Bathurst NSW and was about 15 1/2 miles around. They did 9 laps, totalling 140 miles. Both Frank and James Meller also competed. Frank on a 2 3/4 Douglas only completed one lap when the cup fell out of the rear wheel losing all the ball bearings. James Meller was on a 6HP Matchless and came 4th in the Grand Prix.