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New DT rocker spindles
« on: 12 Oct 2013 at 18:50 »
For sale, new Dirt Track rocker spindles (part #6735-2).

Larger view

Larger view

Including 5/16-25 nut with Whitworth hex (part #711), and heavy washer (part #735-1). All machined for 4130 alloy steel and heat treated to 35HRc.

Do the ends of your old spindles look collapsed like this?

Larger view

Has the rocker arm sleeve been spinning on the spindle and wearing it down like this, or worse?

Larger view

Well now you can finally replace it! Fully interchangeable with the original, including the special 5/16-25 Douglas threads.

The design has been altered slightly to leave a small bridge across the slot to prevent it from collapsing when the nut for the grease/oil reservoir is installed and inevitable over-tightened. It can be seen here:

Larger view

This does not interfere with installing the oiling wicks, but the bridge can be removed with a file if so desired to be just like the original. The spindle is drilled axially and a small cross hole meters the liquefied grease to and undercut and thence the rocker spindle sleeve, lubricating the rocker arms. For short joy rides it is not recommended to use a high temperature grease, as it takes too long to get fluid and provide the requisite lubrication. A heavy oil is better, albeit more messy.

Cost is $50US per spindle, including the nut and washer. Packing, postage, and insurance at cost.

D. Kephart
Glen Mills, PA, USA

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