Author Topic: Footpegs for 1924 2 3/4hp TS required (NOT FOOTBOARDS see my previous!)  (Read 2272 times)

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After spending a few weeks tracking down a lovely pair of cast footboards from "Tony C" for my 2 3/4hp model it turns out that my front footboard mounts were cobbled together thin walled brass, sleeved with steel and as weak as you could imagine.
I'm therefore now in the hunt for a pair of standard footpegs for a 1924 TS model.
I see that the LDMCC sells the rubbers but does anyone know if there is there a supplier of the frames too?
Bert Pol has some ones that look really similar for Nortons & Triumphs see: (about half way down the page) but I've no idea if they would work or how they attach to the TS tubular footpeg rods.
Has anyone out there any ideas or perhaps a detailed couple of photos of how they attach?

Thanks again

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Hi Richard
Try the LDMCC spares for the foot peg frames, When Kevin and I were running the spares we had quite a few pairs in stock. They were not a quick mover so I would guess they still have some left in stock.
Regards       Martin