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The barn is no more,
« on: 17 Jun 2013 at 21:28 »
Hello all.
     To anyone who  followed my earlier posts from last year "Barn find".I have been trying to arrange with the former owner of the bike to go back into the Barn to see if there are anymore parts.He has been quite difficult to pin down,and a bit evasive.I decided to drive over last week to see him.when i got there i was shocked to see that the Barn has gone.there is very little evidence that it was ever there.
      Now i have a dilemma.I 'm not sure i have the time,or the skills to go searching for the remaining missing parts I need.Via the net  or through the LDMC.So do i sell what i have,or do i put the whole project on the long finger?Can anyone out there,give me an idea of the value of what iv'e got?I have a 1915 600 frame,tank,seat,all in very good unrusty condition.The engine is all there and free,minus the carb and magneto.The front forks are complete,but quite corroded.There is the front wheel which is a bit rusty and minus a few spokes and the carbide front lamp.if anyone would care to give me an idea of value,i can make a decision as to what route to take.If you look at my earlier posts,"Barn find", "more from the barn" and "Back to the barn" there are some pictures of everything.many thanks Bill

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