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OHV Douglas
« on: 24 May 2013 at 21:31 »
The things you hear in conversation.  I was on a mid week rally last week and while chatting with a fellow at the museum he says out of the blue , I bought an old Douglas motorcycle engine at a farm auction once,it has about a 9 inch flywheel clutch on it.  I says is it for sale yes  ,I think so he says , Is it side valve or OHV , Oh it is OHV he says .... see you should have come on the rally BOB :mrgreen:

Anyway he says I only live a few hundred meters away hang about for a while  and Ill take you to it.  Well I was a bit excited by this time, and by the time the lunch BBQ was finished I really ready to go .  We jumps in his truck and sure enough we pull up into this yard full tractors stationary engines and the such...  he walks me over to it and here it is a complete engine with flywheel clutch, mag, carb  laying in the dirt

I looks down at the motor and scrapes off the mud, (it has been in a flood twice in the past two years) only to find that it was the first Douglas stationary  engine I had ever seen .. Was I disappointed , yes well just a bit, so if there is any one in OZ that wants a engine for spares let me know cheers

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