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First post - Ignition timing for 1957 Dragonfly

Started by Croft, 05 May 2013 at 15:30

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Hi All

I've recently bought a 57' Dragonfly.  It seems to be in good condition, mechanically and cosmetically.  I would like to fit electronic ignition, not sure which system yet but I would like to get rid of the Miller distributor, this seems to be a weak spot in the system.  I have a couple of ideas but what I need to know is the ignition timing, preferably degrees BTDC, (although a linear measurement would be OK) at full advance.  Anyone got that info to hand please?

I'd like to get this sorted ASAP so I can get riding, in the mean time a there are a few minor jobs to do, then a summer of trouble free riding.



Title expanded - Dave 24th May 2013


Hi John, The ign timing states 5 degrees in the book using a timing disc. Regards Eric.


         The figure stated for the Dragonfly is the static setting, i.e. it is the fully retarded setting. If I was you, I would use the timing figures for the earlier Mark series engines. These were fitted with a magneto, so a fully advanced figure was given - this is 36 degrees before TDC. This will give a good starting point - it may be advantageous to adjust it further due to the changes in the petrol we now use compared with the mid 50's fuel.


Many thanks for the replies.  I'll give 36 degrees ago and  also try and workout from the 5 degrees retarded what fully advanced is.

I have decided to go for a self generating system so I need not worry about keeping a battery charged during non-riding periods.