Author Topic: Early 2 3/4 Douglas - great for the Parkes National Veteran Rally - now SOLD  (Read 3552 times)

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The (Australian) National Veteran Motorcycle Rally is coming up at Parkes NSW in September, and the best way to enjoy it is on a Douglas!

Despite its slightly mixed-up numbers, this Douglas (engine 15971, gearbox 36109, frame 43594) features the veteran style frame and forks (with the braced head stem on the frame and the external curved-link fork) and has attended several national and other veteran rallies in Australia, where the cut-off date for veterans is the end of 1918. Perhaps best not to try to get it out on the Pioneer Run, however.

I've ridden several hundred km on this bike - on one of the National Rallies - and like all 2 3/4 Duggies it is a joy to ride! The two-speed-no-clutch might seem a bit daunting at first, but it is in fact simple and easy to use.

Part of my friend's collection; contact me if you think you could give it a good home. Price is a bit tricky - perhaps A$12,000+? I'll put more photos and details at  Again no rush to dispose of this one.


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Larger view

Larger view
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