Author Topic: That EW gearbox again!  (Read 1637 times)

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That EW gearbox again!
« on: 21 Apr 2013 at 19:16 »
Well this EW gearbox is certainly turning into a saga it must be thirty years since I have been so perplexed by a motorcycle build.
I have rebuilt the box for the 4th time and thanks to the help here I have lost all the stiffness caused by the rollers and washer on the output pinion being wrongly positioned and the new layshaft (which was the whole point of the exercise) sits in position.
however I do not seem to be able to select 1st or neutral on the gate (the gearchange rods are unchanged from their original lengths)
The only thing I was not sure of was the actual selector 'ear' that pivots on the internal selector arm and mates up with the slot in the brass carrier that slides up and down carring the dogs. This ear is lopsided ie the key that engages the slot has a longer edge and a shorter edge relative to its pivot perhaps someone can confirm which way it engages?
other than that I am mystified as the the problems cause
before I strip the plot again (and remove the grease again!) I shall side step the linkage and try and change gear with a lever on the arm to make sure it is not completely out of adjustment
all suggestion welcome Banbury is only a month or so away....