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Bonjour from France
« on: 12 Apr 2013 at 14:21 »
Hi to all,

l am at long last the owner of a dragonfly !   After having wanted one for many years the dream has come true.   l eventually found two exactly the same near to Fleet, and so persuaded a good friend of mine to buy the other one also ! !          These two stone and green's were part of a lot that was sold to a classic car dealer ! !     They had been stored in a garage since 1985, well greased and in great condition.         l have already done about three hundred miles on mine, but my friend is taking his apart before trying to ride it !
We hope to be doing the 'tour de bretagne des vehicules anciennes' with the twins! which starts on the 18th of May
Along with my brand new dragonfly l also have a BSA , AJS , Velocette LE, and an RE
What l would be most greatful for is any info of where l can get hold of and info / plans / manuels etc on the dragonfly , as up to now l have not managed to get hold of much.................any help would be very welcome !
Maybe there are other Douglas owners also  in Brittany ?
Dave King

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Re: Bonjour from France
« Reply #1 on: 12 Apr 2013 at 22:59 »
Dear Dave,
Welcome to the Douglas fraternity, I hope you really enjoy your Dragonfly.
Firstly an advert, you should join the London Douglas Club, we have members all over the world, not too sure about Brittany.
Full details can be found on the Club website
The Club do sell reprinted Douglas manuals and are very shortly intending to publish a rewritten spares book in which we have amended some errors and added diagrams and details of later in production upgrades that Douglas never published.
I for my sins seem to have inherited this job, should you be interested in purchasing the manual it costs 8-00 plus p&p, the spares book will be in the same price range depending on printing costs.
Please email me via my address here on this site should you wish to buy a copy.
Incidently the Club does hold a large stock of Dragonfly spares, however, sale of these are restricted to members only. The Club mag also carries technical articles.
Should you be attending the Montlery event next weekend keep an eye out for us we will probably be with or close to the Brooklands group, I will have a 1929 OHV so should be easy to spot.
Cheers for now.