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New 90+ owner
« on: 04 Feb 2013 at 14:06 »
Hello everybody,
                       As the title suggests I am new to Douglas ownership and the use of a Forum such as this,
I have acquired a 90+ which is registered as being 1950 with engine and gearbox numbers containing X90 it is a one owner/user from new.
It appears to be complete with the exception of two items, a stand return spring and the cover for gearbox sprocket/cush drive, help in obtaining those items would be appreciated.The bike is fitted with Bowden racing carbs (they look new) I have no experience or knowledge of these instruments so any help/info would be good.
 I have not attempted to start the bike yet, it has been standing for some years and all the brightwork has suffered but the clutch freed at first prod on the kickstart and compression seemed very high for a 350 twin.
The bike is ex Ron Coleman from London area this may ring a few bells with more knowledgeable members.
Any help or advice will be appreciated.
Graham  :)

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Re: New 90+ owner
« Reply #1 on: 04 Feb 2013 at 22:14 »
Hi Graham,

Sounds like a great find!

Just a word of warning. I recently obtained a bike that had been standing for a few years (more than 60 in my case). Luckily I stripped it before I tried to start it, because an awful lot of muck, grime, dust and spider droppings had found their way deep inside the engine. You may not need to strip your bike, but do use a torch to look into the ports (exhaust as well - some pretty tenacious insects like dark place), down the plug hole, into breathers, etc. Also drain the crankcase and look for dirty stuff.

Have fun!


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Re: New 90+ owner
« Reply #2 on: 06 Feb 2013 at 00:20 »
Hi Graham,
Welcome to the fold, a Plus can give hours of fun and perform rather well, :o good luck with yours. I would second Leon's comments depending on where the bike has been stored.
I am sorry that I do not have any experience with the Bowden carbs, I have enough trouble with the TT's! :roll:
I suggest you consider joining the London Douglas Club, This Forum is superb and an amazing source of useful info, but an actual meet up with owners in the Club can also be very rewarding. The Club does in fact have stand springs and final drive covers for the plus, ironically the springs are a fresh order which although completed are still not in the hands of the spares department. Hopefully they should arrive early next week.
The spares department is run for the benefit of Douglas owners but as it is assisted by Members subs we fee it is fair to supply only Club members, but as the annual subscription is a mere 18-00 and includes a bimonthly magazine, we think it is good value for money!
Not sure where you live, but the Club will have a stand at the Bristol Show at Shepton Mallet the weekend after next, you would be made most welcome if you visit the stand.