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Douglas chart 1930

Started by aphex, 10 Jan 2013 at 20:32

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I recently bought this nice milage chart , i think it must be from around 1930.
Just a nice Douglas gadget i would like to share on the Douglas forum.




These have been reprinted (by me), but this looks to be an original.

Originals come up for sale from time to time, so if considering purchase you will want to verify it is indeed an original and not a soiled reprint masquerading as an original. The ones I reprinted have my name and the date 2006. Look under where the crossbar overlaps to the right of the rivet under the text "of ALL..."

I also did a version for the UK and AU Douglas Centenary rallies in 2007, but these are easy to spot due to the large red text. On the reverse the venue and date of the rallies are printed inside the inner most ring. The AU version had Australian towns and distances in kilometers. These were limited edition; you had to attend to get one.

The reprints without the centenary info I still have for sale at US$5, but generally the postage exceeds the value of the mileage disk.



Thanks for the info Doug , just checked mine , seems to be the original , no "Doug copy".



I was pretty sure yours was an original. I did a neater job on riveting my reproductions!   :)