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A center stand question
« on: 19 Dec 2012 at 16:27 »
When I received my 1951 Mk-V I noticed it had an aftermarket kickstand mounted to the left crash bar. It works well but folds up so far under the bar i have to risk a burn to my wrist trying to extend it....So I examined the bike and noticed it also has a factory center stand as well. I stepped on the foot tab to lower the center stand and noticed it goes down to the floor but that is all. It wont drop any further like it is jamming somehow. It retracts normally but for some reason it won't drop any lower than a point where it just barely touches the floor. I guess I see why now someone put the aftermarket kickstand on it....only problem I see with the kick stand is that it allows the bike to lean to the left which I fear is allowing oil to accumulate in the left head, and the right side to drain out....any thoughts or things to look for? Many thanks....Jeff