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engine different to the norm
« on: 06 Oct 2012 at 19:55 »
Hi All,
I wonder if anyone could shed any light on an engine I have, it's a veteran stepped timing chest type, so it's put it into a time span of 1912 -1914.
The engine number is stamped on the rear diagonal cylinder flange as per later models instead of the usual position in front of the magneto on the top edge of the timing chest.
The number is five digits; beginning with 31, according to Doug's   article on identifying models, the number puts it in the middle of 1916.
Also the fly wheel side of the crank case has the raise The Douglas's but has the date 1914 stamped instead of being raised and the letter A stamped behind the date. Why would this be so different to other engines of this era?

When I got the engine, it was fitted with a Fellow's magneto. Did Douglas ever fit this brand of mag?
Regards           Martin