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S1 Survivors
« on: 03 Oct 2012 at 22:13 »
Calling all S1 owners. Worldwide
I have noted with interest the recent flurry of activity in restoring these rather rare S1 models.
Here in the UK the London Douglas Club has a dearth of information on the survival of these bikes, we would greatly appreciate any info about any you own, frame numbers in particular, but of course engine and gearbox identification numbers.
We don't care if its the most beautifully restored, or that rusty basket case or pile of bits lurking at the back of the shed. Any data will help us build up a record that may be of use to other owners around the world.
Please let me have any info, either through the Forum or directly to my email address, I will ensure that the data is compiled and passed to Len Boydell our Registrar.
May I congratulate the organisers and participants in the Australian Rally, it appears you had a great time, I viewed the photo's with considerable envy,  :mrgreen: maybe next year!!!