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350 Douglas 1947 spares

Started by Roy Brierley, 29 Sep 2012 at 11:55

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Roy Brierley

Hi all
I am introducing my dad to the beauty of selling bike parts on line and how to get or receive information about the numerous old bikes he has.
It all started when he told me he wanted to sell some Douglas spares, he hasn't a clue their value or if anyone would want them.
Please help my sanity and help my dad!!!!!
He is 84 so can be slightly excused.

First question
He has a pair of cylinder barrels (no head) could anyone tell me the value.
He has loads of spare bits but thought I'd concentrate on one first

In anticipation of your help
Bridgette for dad Roy


 Hi  Bridgette  did you get any joy with the barrels. if not I may be interested in all the douglas bits.please email me with a list.     thank you.  eric


Hi  Bridgette,
for bikers... your home must be Nirvana :) i will my dad have many spares like yours...
i life in Indonesia, and we are very crazy about vintage bikes...
there is no price guidance for vintage parts in Indonesia... the seller just mention any value they want...
and it's up to the buyer to discuss whether or not they can afford it...
if not, they may be negotiate a bit...
that is the beauty of selling vintage spares...
happy selling for you Bridgette...

my suggestion is you make list of spares you have and you tell how much you want for each part...
put it here so everyone can see it...

trust me, it will sell like hot cakes :)

good luck to you...