Author Topic: 1914 or earlier Veteran 2 + 3/4 HP frame wanted.  (Read 2102 times)

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1914 or earlier Veteran 2 + 3/4 HP frame wanted.
« on: 14 Sep 2012 at 22:23 »

I am over in the UK and already own a Circa 1914/5 Douglas 2 + 3/4 HP machine.  I purchased this some 20 + years ago with the intention of competing in the Pioneer Run.  Unfortunately, although the VMCC had dated the machine as 1914, this date is stamped on the engine casing, the Sunbeam M.C.C. dated the frame as 1915.  This would not allow the bike to take part in the Pioneer Run.

I was told that the rear stand mounting point is different on the 1914 model to that of the later models which have a lug with a mounting hole below the bottom frame tube.  I also understand that the frame lugs were changed after 1914.

If anyone has any knowledge of the frame differences, or, hopefully, the whereabouts of a Veteran 1914 frame could you please let me know. 

This would make an aging Pioneer Run spectator very happy indeed.  If you know of a likely frame project perhaps you could  provide any details together with an asking price, etc.

Fingers crossed,
Derek :(