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douglas registration ?
« on: 25 Aug 2012 at 18:30 »
Hi I joined this forum some time ago and asked a few questions then life took over till now.

I even joined the London Douglas club but never really got anywhere.
I live in outer London and don't know anyone else who shares my interest and am approaching this as a complete novice with old bikes ( my oldest to date has been a 1975 so there is a bit of a backwards jump)

I have a 1932 a32 terrier almost complete apart from flywheel clutch and primary chain,and possibly a couple of small nuts bolts and the like,I also have a duplicate engine and forks.

my question is can i get the complete one registered ( only a buff log book and number plate fitted to the bike)

how much more would i need to register the other engine and forks as a bike  at the same time ( eg purchase a frame,wheels etc)

is it even worth trying on a meagre budget (i lecture automotive engineering so the technical parts shouldn't be a problem if i can get hold of information)

I am sorry if this is a common well travelled conversation but i have no idea of the process of registering a long "disappeared" bike and I am not going to restore anything if it then ends up being a fight to ride it,no matter how beautiful they look.

the only reason i am re-starting the investigation is that the bike has been in the family for over 40 years and was supposed to have been a championship level speedway machine.


Just re-read this and wanted to clarify that i wanted to build the original bike as a sort of show bike to keep in the family  but if i could somehow cobble together another rough and ready one to hit the road and actually put some miles on it but not worry overly much about complete originality if it worked well,as i would like to travel to some distant events and not have to be bothered about weather etc .
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Re: douglas registration ?
« Reply #1 on: 25 Aug 2012 at 19:16 »
          When you have a flywheel clutch and primary chain to complete your machine, take some photos of the machine. These, along with your old buff log book, should be enough to regain the original registration number (providing that number was not previously sold off). Even if you cant regain the original number, the DVLA will issue an age related number, providing you can furnish proof of it's date of manufacture - the LDMCC registrar will be able to help you with this.
    If your bike really is an A32, it is unlikely that it was ever used on the speedway - let alone at championship level. The A32 was just a basic ride to work sidevalve machine, whereas the dirt track models were OHV and a totally different animal. The frames for the A32 were numbered FC***,  and the engines EV*** - whereas the dirt track frames were TF*** with engines EL***.


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Re: douglas registration ?
« Reply #2 on: 04 Sep 2012 at 23:12 »
Hi Darren,
Further to Ed's advice, if your A32 is completely assembled save for the Clutch, and you have the buff log book there should be no problem in recovering the number, for this the bike has to be seen to be a complete original machine that is capable of being prepared for registration. When the new registration is received the bike will be classified as not licensed and as soon as you complete the bike, mot and insure it you can register it at your local main post office.
Should you wish to go ahead with an application for the bike email Len Boydell, the Douglas Club registrar and he will  supply the forms that you need together with the information required by the DVLA. Basically he will need a photo of each side of the bike (plus, although not actually required but a bit of overkill does not hurt, a threequarte rear view with the number plate visible!) Also required is a photo of the frame number and engine number, alternatively a "brass" rubbing of both numbers will often be clearer.
A word of advice DO NOT post the buff log book to Len or the DVLA, if it goes astray its lost forever! Take it to your nearest DVLA office and get them to make you an authenticated copy, similarly if you have any mot certificates or tax disc relating to the bike.
Len's email address is
I have mentioned you to Len and he is happy to assist.
Regarding the other bits, unless you can obtain a frame with a matching buff log book you would need to apply for an age related number, to do this the bike has to be complete and running with an MOT and insurance.
You mention you live in outer London, if north of the river why not come along to a Douglas Club night we hold them in Chingford during the winter months, you would be very welcome even if you are not still a Douglas Club member.