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Dragonfly Brake Shoe Linings

Started by cahallett, 27 Apr 2012 at 20:18

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Another post from me for some more advice.
This time it is about the brake shoe linings.
Please can anybody tell me how thick the linings should be and are there any club recommended companies that can carry out the re-lining?
Our dragonfly will be used for touring.
Many thanks


Hi Cahallett,
Same question as me.
I've just bought one.
Rear brake lining seems too tight, even after slackening off.
Did you find new linings?


Hi All
   I have new/old stock shoes complete with linings and replacement Ferodo linings and Nu-Texa linings in original packing and in all cases the linings are 0.187" (3/16") thick. I have never had Dragonfly linings replaced but I have always received excellent service from "Saftek" in respect of brake band replacement linings for 1930s models and also for clutch linings. Saftek who can be "Googled" are based in West Yorks. but do a great service by mail.   Chris.


Thanks Chris,
We have found a firm up north that will fit new linings and ensure that they mate perfectly with the drum (we will be dropping both wheels off with them).
I will post the results at the end of next week with details of the company if they do a good job.
Best regards and thanks for the thickness details.


Hi Cahallett,
Hope you managed to sort out your brake shoes.
Do you have any info on the spacers and nuts used in your rear wheel.
I mean nut widths (thickness) and spacer diameters and lengths.


Hello Dave,
I am sorry but the wheels have all been put back together and are now on the bike and I have only just seen your message.
I have no idea what the sizes are without taking it all apart again.
Kind Regards