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Veteran/Vintage 2 + 3/4 HP frames.
« on: 25 Apr 2012 at 21:05 »

As I have a mongral 1914/15 frame I would like to ask you experts as to what the differences are in these frames.

I understand that the rear stand fittings were changed from pivot bosses actually being on the lower frame rail to the later frame where the stand is mounted on a plate below the rear axle.  I also understand that on the frame construction the earlier frames had lugs which did not encircle the frame tubes while the later frames have lugs with full circle holes to take the tubes.

Unfortunately, I am not into frame construction so would like to ask if any members couls provide photos of these brackets and lugs.  Hopefully the photos will make it much clearer when trying to identify these frames.

Being in the UK I am a regular follower of the Annual London to Brighton Pioneer Run.  However, on viewing the Douglas's at both Epsom and Brighton I have seen 'Pioneer' bikes with both types of rear stand mounting.  I do realise that some of the older machines were dated many, many years ago, and that more has since been learnt about frame, engine changes etc on the pre/post 1914 bikes.

Any further clarification/photos/drawings etc relating to these frames would be most welcome.

Thanks again,

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Re: Veteran/Vintage 2 + 3/4 HP frames.
« Reply #1 on: 25 Apr 2012 at 21:30 »
Hi Derek

With regards to your seeing both types of frame on the Pioneer Run.
I think that many years ago the requirements for dating were more relaxed than they are today.
The machines would have probably had the correct  engines with the stepped timing chest.

These machines were allowed to continue to do the run, but if the machines changed hands and the new owner tried to obtain a Pioneer certificate, the application would be rejected by the dating committee of the Sunbeam motorcycle club.

I am not aware of any other differences other than the ones you have already stated in your posting.
Hope this helps
Regards    Martin

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