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Waffle Box conversion
« on: 14 Apr 2012 at 19:00 »
Will the later Mk5 exhaust pipe, silencer fit directly on to a Mk3 fitted with a Waffle Box Exhaust?
If so, Does the LDMCC have the parts, pipes and silencers available for sale?

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Re: Waffle Box conversion
« Reply #1 on: 14 Apr 2012 at 21:16 »
Hi Benny again,
Sorry did not read this post until I had replied to your other posting, I should have mentioned the exhausts, if you go back to the correct heads and barrels. You can use the existing waffle box however the pipes will not fit satisfactorily, the Mk 1 engine is far narrower than the later marks, the vertical bend is similar but the angle into the box is less, the correct pipes for later marks fitted with waffle boxes have more lateral bend to account for the wider setting of the exhaust ports. If your pipes are in good condition it may be possible to tweak them, better consult your local pipe bender though!!! It may be better to make from scratch.
Of course there is nothing to prevent you changing to the straight through pipes and silencers, (upswept on the sports models).
probably best to get them bent up locally, sadly at this time the Club does not have silencers. Some are available but we have had reports that they are not very high quality.