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Hello from Hollyweird!
« on: 24 Feb 2012 at 18:37 »
Hi, all.

I know that it is customary to introduce yourself to new forums when you join, so without further ado...

I've been riding 2 wheels since I could stand, and I've been riding motorized 2 wheels since I could get out of my parents' house and do so under my own custody!

That was many years ago now, and I've run through 4 Yamahas, 2 Ducatis, 3 Hondas, 1 Harley, and whatever other 2-wheeled conveyance I could borrow or test ride in between!

I also have a masochistic love for Italian cages.  Alfa Romeos, mostly.  A Porsche and a few Beemers thrown in along the way, too.

I perform all my own maintenance, upgrades and modifications, and even have a Ducati custom project in the offs as it were,  in the garage now.

I joined the forum because, I love Douglas motorcycles and my name is....don't need a poll to guess this one...Douglas.

I'm not sure when I'll finally acquire my namesake motorcycle, nor do I know which I should go for yet. 

So, I'm here to learn and eventually seek support from you fine fellows.


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Re: Hello from Hollyweird!
« Reply #1 on: 24 Feb 2012 at 19:24 »
Welcome to the madhouse.
I am fairly new to the marque too and have had some fantastic help from forum members. If Douglas flips your trigger then you are in the right place :D