Author Topic: New Douglas Owner. t35 Mk1  (Read 2774 times)

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New Douglas Owner. t35 Mk1
« on: 07 Feb 2012 at 02:58 »
Hi everyone, I'm a proud new owner of a 1948 t35 Mk1. It does appear to be a combination of both Mk3 and mk1. Mk1 barrels, heads etc.. mk3 engine case hence engine numbers T35/s 4092/3. (I'll post photos shortly).
I have owned other british bikes, AJS, Matchless, Triumph. I have read much on Douglas Motorcycles but have never owned one.
I just wanted to ask a few simple questions regarding t35 ownership.
Firstly, what is the general thought on engine reliabililty given proper maintenance?
Is Regular 20/50w oil ok for on going use? Is synthetic oils a no, no?
I've read the oil delivery to the crank is of a vain type and not very good.
Is the Crankshaft itself up to the job? Or also part to blame?
I intend to ride the Douglas on a regular basis, Like I do all my bikes, and just want to get a good understanding of what to look out for and what's best for keeping it in A1 mechanical condition.
Thanks for your time.

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Re: New Douglas Owner. t35 Mk1
« Reply #1 on: 07 Feb 2012 at 16:58 »
Haven't owned a Mk. but have had my D/fly for 40+ years, and have run it on 20/50 multigrade for some 30 years.  Had it stripped and crank re-built by well known N.W. engine restorer (now deceased) about l5 years ago who was surprised at cleanliness of internals. Both T35/Mk/Dfly are much the same, and I don't see why you should have any problems. Over the years I've had the bike, it has never let me down in respect to engine wear, and I must admit I do tend to push it a bit. DON'T use synthetic either full or semi. It wasn't made for older engines and you'll
be asking for trouble.
Regards. Dave.