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DT 500 Pushrod Springs
« on: 19 Feb 2018 at 19:12 »
I have received a quote to have some unplated pushrod springs made for a DT500 engine.  The quote is based a sample I sent.  If I place an order for a minimum quantity of 20, the springs are 15 Euro each.  They would be made by an acquaintance  from Slovenia.  Tadej and his German uncle (Swen) are very active on pre 1931 AJS bikes so some people may have come across them and know their work from that arena.   

I would try to have Tadej send springs directly to you.  Is anyone interested in participating in an order (plus the shipping cost)?


I will close this out and not pursue an order.  There is an alternate spring available from the LDMCC that I have ordered and trust others go that route also. 
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