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Fulton Douglas engine
« on: 27 Oct 2011 at 02:20 »
Hello again -

I know I've been quiet on this for a while. I just needed to get enough info together before I could put this project up for discussion - if anyone wants to.

The engine arrived about a month ago in a nicely built crate along with the complete exhaust, carburetor and gearbox. I read in an earlier post the a DMF member was concerned of a lack of compression. I could tell right away it was not an issue. Plenty of resistance and no bleed down under hand pressure. I know, it's old school but you know what - old school still works! What I did notice was a poor to nonexistent spark. I checked the point gap and found it at .021" which I felt was so wide that the rotor was not yet at the optimum position. I reset the the points at .011" and guess what - a nice blue spark! Right around this time I joined the LDMCC to gather more technical info regarding the engine. A really good move. The replies were quick and very informative giving me great insight to this journey. It was also suggested that I post this endeavor on this site so that others besides myself could benefit. I rather limited myself by first posting the magneto concerns and then searching for parts. Live & learn. The only real downside is learning that the club cannot sell spares to members in N.A. due to insurance restrictions. The reason was explained and I fully understand why. That doesn't help me or my client though. So be it.
The last time the engine was really opened up was in 1992 by D. Dyson.

The mains & rod ends are the only things that don't need immediate attention. I would like to tighten up the big ends a little tho.
 The pistons are a full 1mm oversize and both they and the cylinders are worn to the tune of .012".
The timing side crankcase is cracked all the way across the top.
All but one of the roller links needs to be rebuilt.
The exhaust cam has worn thru the hardening on the nose, probably due to rollers not rolling.
All but one of the valve springs have collapsed from overheating.
The valves had been replaced at an earlier time using what I believe to be Ford 70-71 429 exhaust valves. This engine uses an adjustment system like the older Mercedes diesels where the adjustment takes place on a threaded area on the valve stem. The problem here is that many threads were missing where the keeper groove is machined into the stem. This did not give enough support when locking the adjuster in place and subsequently stripping the threads.
The crank pinion gear teeth are badly worn.
The cylinders & heads need re plating.
The kick lever return spring is missing.

As I'm not able to get spares out of the UK I'm forced to have them made here.

I have at least 2 sources that say they can make me pistons - can you say expensive? I thought I'd found,and bought, a great match in pistons that would require very little boring and the pin size was the same but when I put them side by side the compression height was .106" too short. DAMN!
I've just found someone to make the gear but it too will be expensive.
The case should be repaired by the end of the week.
I've decided to go with more of the same valves used before but fill the grooves to gain full threads.
I'm going to have to get new rollers made. They've been ground down near flush with the links.
Still working on the valve springs. They don't match up well with anything I've found yet.
I think I've found a place to do the plating.
Haven't found a decent kick lever return spring replacement yet.

Does anyone know what the original roller sizes are? I think the cam rollers are .750" but not sure on the pushrod rollers - .625" maybe?

I took a fair number of pics during the teardown process. Naturally all the parts are oily in these pics but if anyone wants to see a particular item, or all of them, let me know. Everything is now cleaned and protected and in storage until it's time to start assembly, at which point I will be taking pics again.


Photos inserted - Dave, 27th Oct 2011
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Re: Fulton Douglas engine
« Reply #1 on: 31 Oct 2011 at 07:13 »
Hello Dewey,

Rob here of the K32.  If it's acceptable to you and the club I'd be happy to purchase them for you and send them on to you.


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Re: Fulton Douglas engine
« Reply #2 on: 01 Nov 2011 at 01:32 »
Thank Rob. That's a very generous offer but we better wait for feedback from the club. I'm not trying to be negative here but now that I know how the restrictions work, the odds are they won't be able to accept it.