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How to Join the London Douglas Motorcycle Club.
« on: 21 Sep 2011 at 21:27 »
The London Douglas Motorcycle Club is open to anyone interested in Douglas motorcycles anywhere in the World.

Two types of membership are offered "Full" and "Associate". Full membership is for those who have a Douglas motorcycle and Associate membership is for those who don't currently have a Douglas machine.
The Club has much to offer its members:

   - A Magazine, ‘The New Conrod’ that provides the vital communication between members, with features, letters, pictures, technical articles and reports on many activities.
   - A spares service for pre-war and post-war machines, which organises the manufacture of vitally needed parts to keep members machines running.
   - A range of traditional and modern regalia including machine transfers and badges.
   - A marque specialist who will provide technical information and expertise for most models.
   - A photocopy service for Club archive material.
   - A Register of all Douglas machines known to the Club around the world which is an invaluable source of information for identification and dating.
   - A membership list to enable members to keep in touch with one another.
   - A thriving sporting and social activities scene around the country. National events include an annual rally, and camping weekend and an annual dinner and prize giving. Local events include section meetings where members meet to socialise and discuss all things Douglas and organise participation in regional events such as classic motorcycle shows, road trials and runs. Other activities supported include national events such as the Pioneer and Banbury runs, sprint meetings and road racing.

Membership is currently £15 per annum.

You may apply for membership in several ways.

Visit the Club's website and visit the "Join The Club" page. There you may...

 - Download the application form and post it to the Membership Secretary (address details on the "Contact Us" page).
 - Request an information pack which will be posted to you and contains details of how to pay by credit card.

Please note, this website has no formal or financial relationship with the London Douglas Motorcycle Club. However, quite a few Forum Members are LDMCC Members and you will see the LDMCC name mentioned frequently in topics throughout this website. Much of the above information is copied from the LDMCC website and is offered to help all who are interested in the Douglas marque and may wish to know more about the Club.
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