Author Topic: How to access the LDMCC Members' Private Forum.  (Read 6087 times)

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How to access the LDMCC Members' Private Forum.
« on: 21 Sep 2011 at 21:25 »
There is a private forum on this website for LDMCC Members only which we call the "LDMCC Members' Private Forum".

This private forum is not visible to visitors, regular Forum Members or search engines. It is only visible and accessible to current LDMCC Members who have been specifically granted access by this Forum's Admin.

Please be sure your LDMCC membership is current before applying for access to the LDMCC Private Forum. Access will continue while your LDMCC membership is up to date.

To gain access to the LDMCC Members' Private Forum, please send your LDMCC name and LDMCC membership number to the address in this this topic.

You will not receive a reply to this email, the LDMCC Members' Private Forum will just appear on the main page in the LDMCC category usually within 2-3 days. However, please allow up to seven days for this to happen. If it does not appear after ten days, please email again and I will follow it up.

Topics discussed in the LDMCC Members' Private Forum relate only to LDMCC activities and LDMCC Members. They are not general Douglas motorcycle topics as listed elsewhere on this Forum.

Please note, this website has no formal or financial relationship with the London Douglas Motorcycle Club. However, quite a few Forum Members are LDMCC Members and you will see the LDMCC name mentioned frequently in topics throughout this website.

[update email address. -Dave, 10Feb21]
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