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Help with Mark IV in United States
« on: 19 Jul 2011 at 04:02 »
Hi,  Brand new here.  I am the webmaster of  and have a collection of old bikes. I recently purchased a Mark IV.  Being in the USA it is very hard to find any information on this bike.  Got it started today after cleaning the carbs.  The problem is I know nothing about this machine. I bought it from the son of a collector who is not into motorcycles so he did not know too much about the bike. I may have done something stupid and added 30 weight oil in the gear box. I thought the gear box was the oil sump - OOPS.  Took the bike for a ride and the clutch seems to slip really bad.  What I am looking for is perhaps an owners manual - either PDF or I will buy an owners manual.  Can someone tell me why the clutch is slipping and what is involved in putting in new clutch plates. Can you even buy clutch plates?  Any help would be appreiciated. Thanks

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Re: Help with Mark IV in United States
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Hi Triumph110
     Owner's Maintenance Manuals and illustrated Spare Parts Lists are available from the London Douglas Motor Cycle Club, The only Club for Douglas owners with about 1200 enthusiast members world-wide. There is unfortunately a limit in respect of spare parts supply to North America but as one of approximately 50 members on the continent you would be able to obtain technical information, access to historical archives, machine transfers and badges and receipt of the bi-monthly Club magazine.
    All this and more is available at a cost of only 15.00 per annum with no separate joining fee. Credit cards are accepted. You can apply via their website
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Re: Help with Mark IV in United States
« Reply #2 on: 10 Oct 2011 at 21:34 »
Hi Triumph 110,

I don't believe that the two symptoms you describe are connected. Firstly the Mark series have dry clutches, as per motor cars, or that is cars with manual gear boxes or stick shift using your terminology. You probably drive an automatic car unlike us in Europe and as such your car will have a torque converter (fluid drive). Anyway with a dry clutch, which has a single plate, there is no oil in the bell housing. If you p[ut the wrong oil SAE 30 in the gearbox then you probably won't have damaged it , as long as you have not done too many miles. If you find oil causing the clutch to slip, then you must have overfilled the gearbox and either blown out the oil seal with the pressure or had a broken gearbox or engine oil seal.

Let me know if you still need a manual and I can e mail you a PDF copy for 15.00. I can also e mail you a Mark 4 PDF spares list for 15.00.

I am not sure if this question is still live.