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« on: 22 Mar 2011 at 11:47 »
Hello, just to introduce myself, my name is Jim, I live in Victoria Australia, and I have a restored `25 TS and have recently acquired most of a `26 cw. The TS was bought by my father in 1930 and the remains were still in the shed when I was a kid, unfortunately a lot was missing and used for other things, there is still a muffler end used to cap a steel pipe fence post on the farm. When I got interested in it , it was only a rolling frame with a motor in it, but I got the bits and rallied it in the late eighties, then I got interested in other vintage and veteran bikes but getting the CW has rekindled my interest in Douglas, I will post a photo of the TS when my father bought it if I can(limited computer skills), regards Jim

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Re: Hello
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Welcome to the Forum Jim. If you would like to send your photos to the address shown in this topic, we can add them to your post.


Updated details for emailing photos - Dave, 11Feb2021
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